Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Road Chaos!

Anybody travel down the M6 last Friday between Penrith, and say, Brum?

Anybody want to tell me why it took me over three hours to do this journey? Come on, there must be some government official who collects the 28,000,000 (Government Statistics Office) x £140 (average) = £3,920,000,000, and can explain to us that pay it, exactly where it goes? Hmm? Certainly not on the roads, is it? More likely spent on Blair fighting a non existent Weapons of Mass Destruction enemy in The Middle East?

The road infrastructure in the UK must be equal to that of Ethiopia - only in Ethiopia there are no 4 miles of cones with three 'workers' looking at The Sun.

Any views on this?


wonkotsane said...

Just shy of £4bn - that's only £11bn short of our involuntary annual contribution to Scotland.

This government has been the worst in a long time for fudging figures and diverting taxes.

Snafu said...

You could always use the second M6 toll road in a couple of years! It makes me angry every time I see signs for the M6 toll when I already pay a fortune in car tax, nearly as bad as having to pay to cross the Severn!